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In Faith Maji’s Blog Personality Today, we will be featuring a multimedia specialist, good governance activist and girl-mentor with 12 years professional experience, Nihinlola Ayanda, as pronounced Nee.hin.law.lah –

“To succeed as a multimedia specialist, you have to be a multitasking Samurai. Communicating complex information in varied creative formats to diverse audiences via platforms they most appreciate is great. However, utilizing the audience feedback to improve the product and process, and inspiring positive change is the real deal” Lola.

Nihinlola (Lola) Ayanda is a value-driven Development Communications and Knowledge Management professional with 12+ years experience developing, implementing and managing strategic communications and systems for local and international charities. With a background in communications and management, Lola has hands-on experience in media relations, corporate communications, transmedia storytelling and multimedia production.
A passionate African, Lola has worked with 108+ marginalized communities on the continent to amplify their voices in the quest for social justice. Her multimedia productions span varied thematic areas including Gender and Child Rights, Agriculture, Peace building and Resilience, Anti Corruption, Education, Tax Justice, Governance and Elections. Motivated by the peculiar challenges of women and girls in the Global South, Lola uses multimedia to spark debates, lead conversations to influence action and grassroots development.
Lola holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA), and Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Mass Communication (upper credit). She is currently studying for a Master of Science in Diplomacy and International Affairs, and a Master of Arts in Decolonization and Social Justice. She has also attended other creative industry courses at the London College of Communication, Harvard Division of Continuing Education and MS -TCDC Arusha, Tanzania. She is an associate of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON), and the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (CIPMN).
Lola’s knack for excellence in all she does has earned her numerous accolades and awards including Best Graduating Female Student, Department of Mass Communication, Nasarawa State University, Keffi (2010); Mercy Corps Gender Programmes Most Creative Team Member Award, ActionAid Nigeria Long Service Award for her contributions to poverty eradication in Nigeria – to mention a few.

As a “take-charge” manager, Lola believes in building healthy professional environments where creativity thrives, and colleagues are motivated and empowered to share their ideas and contribute to the overall productivity and efficiency of a project. She was the Communications Coordinator at ActionAid Nigeria for 5+ years where she led the communications hub to deliver strategic communications solutions for 30+ development projects. She currently leads a team of creatives at Insightful Transmedia Communications; a company providing multimedia solutions to development partners in Africa. To unwind, Lola enjoys afrocentric music; Jazz, Afrobeat, and RnB. Her leisure is often spent with family or playing competitive games with friends. She is a FIDAF tournament medalist, a talented DJ and radio host.

“The underdevelopment plaguing Africa has a cure; good governance. Until citizens unite against the common enemy of recycled bad leadership, nepotism and tribalism, and embrace efficiency and competency over regional sentiments, meaningful progress remains a mirage.
As the giant of Africa, I believe 2023 provides an opportunity for Nigeria to set the pace for the continent by electing competent leaders; young people, particularly young women are poised to coordinate and lead this change process.

“I believe in the Nigerian dream; a country where life is valuable, women and girls feel secure anywhere they live, government works for the people – A country with zero tolerance for corruption, that does not promote crude culture at the expense of human rights and dignity. As I wake daily, I am inspired to contribute my quota to ensure this happens in my lifetime.
“Having worked for local and international charities for almost a decade, I have witnessed first-hand how growing discontentment and agitation rooted in deprivation and poverty has evolved into violent extremism, restiveness, self-determination struggles and eruptions of violence across the country, and this continues to threaten and roll back the progress made, particularly on poverty eradication, girl education and economic growth” Lola.
“I believe Nigeria’s advancement lie in the hands of its citizen, as we have the power to create the change the want to see. No one will save us! We must rise, speak, take action to ensure the labor of our heroes’ past shall not be in vain.

“I am most fulfilled when I see a girl make informed life choices and maximize her potentials. As girls navigate adolescence to womanhood, they face the challenge of moving through physical, psychological, sexual, and emotional development with a healthy sense of self intact. Girl-pro provides a protected mentor-mentee safe space for the adult woman and the girl/young woman to connect through shared experiences.

“The Girl Mentor
From birth, a Girl seeks to please. If she is fortunate, she is nurtured in love and cared for by exemplary mentors. If she is not as fortunate, she is left alone to figure out what life entails; getting a few scars along the way, defying the odds to succeed, or she hits rock bottom and lives an unfulfilled life.
“My life’s work is inspired by the need to change the ‘unfulfilled life’ narrative, and this led to the establishment of Girl-Pro Nigeria aimed at supporting young women to lead meaningful and productive lives through an e-safe space. What started as an e-safe space has evolved into a full fledged non-governmental organisation with the goal of mentoring and empowering the next generation of Nigerian female leaders and professionals (women ages 18-29) and linking them to career and self development opportunities through a bespoke mentor-mentee connect programme to give them a good head start and enable them make informed life choices.
Miss Lola’s skills include writing, editing, visual storytelling and production of a wide range of communications collateral including feature articles, website content, annual reports, newsletters, media releases, and fact sheets.

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