Nasarawa: Knocks, kicks over planned immortalisation of late Eggon monarch
By Faith Awa Maji
Varied reactions have continued to trail Nasarawa State government’s decision to immortalise the late Eggon monarch, Dr. Bala Abene Angbazo JP.
Governor Abdullahi Sule had announced government’s resolve to rename the Eggon modern market after the deceased paramount ruler, during the burial ceremony.
But hours after the announcement, a cross section of the indigenous people of Nasarawa State took to various social media platforms to react to the development.
FMBlog captured some of the reactions.
“It’s disservice, disrespect to the late Aren Eggon, Dr. Bala Abaine Angbazo”
Aside the fact that His Royal Highness, the late Dr. Bala A. Angbazo, was a First Class Eggon traditional ruler, he was also a household name in not only Nasarawa State alone but also in neighbouring states state like Plateau and beyond.
That’s perhaps why a street in the Abattoir area of Jos, Plateau State, was named Bala Abaine Angbazo Close.
The late Eggon traditional ruler was also one of the founding fathers and signatory to the creation of what we now have as Nasarawa State which was hitherto known as Plateau State. A state that has successfully produced about four governors namely: Alh. Abdullahi Adamu from 1999-2007, Alh. Aliyu Akwe Doma, 2007-2011, Sen. Umaru Tanko Al-makura 2011-2019, Alh. Abdullahi A. Sule 2019-till date.
All these names wouldn’t have been able to govern Nasarawa State if not for the huge sacrifices of the founding fathers like the late Aren Eggon, Dr. Bala Abaine Angbazo, and others. Therefore, there is need for proper and better immortalisation of the late Eggon paramount ruler who sacrificed his,timme and resources for the service of humanity in the state and beyond for the past 41 years. Therefore, naming an ordinary Nasarawa Eggon market that’s still undergoing construction after the late revered Eggon King is a great disservice and disrespect to hm.
“Let it be known that Nasarawa State government was quick to rename a major state-owned institution like Nasarawa Polytechnic Lafia after the late Emir of Lafia which now bears Isa Mustapha Agwai 1 (IMA 1 Polytechnic Lafia) even without waiting for the necessary legislative formalities to be done for proper gazetting of the new name.
“There are other state-owned government facilities like Nasarawa State University Keffi, College of Education, Akwanga, Government House Lafia, School of Nursing Lafia, which ordinarily can be renamed after the late revered traditional ruler but the state government chose to ridicule him by naming a local market after him.
“Take for instance, the following facilities were named after people some of who may not have even come from Nasarawa State.
1. Nasarawa State Specialist Hospital renamed Dalhatu Araf Specialist Hospital Lafia
2. Nasarawa State Polytechnic renamed Mustafa Agwai 1 Mustaf Polytechnic Lafia
3. Lafia Terminal renamed Yahaya Sabo Terminal Lafia
4. Lafia Skills and Acquisition Centre renamed Wing Commander Abdullahi Skills Acquisition Centre Lafia,
5. Karu International Market Karu renamed Gen. Muhammadu Buhari International Market Karu, just to mentioned a few.
What happened to indigenous names like Envulanza, Angbazo, Kyuni, Esson, Kigbu, Okpede, Swemisi, Mbewushi, Kinze, Tani, Shekwoyemi Ghweffi, Akwe, Okudu, Zhegili, Akyala, Omaku, Lagi, Inji, and the rest?.
In conclusion, if the history above is anything to go by then the late Aren Eggon HRM Dr. Bala A. Angbazo deserves a better deal.
“Nice but why not NSUK or FULafia..?”
“FuLafia is beyond their jurisdiction but COE Akwanga or NSUK should have been a choice not just a market, but, they have their agenda always. That is why ‘we’ have to work to change the narrative by getting our PVCs, coming out to exercise our right and back it up with prayers.
“It’s an insult”
“I applaud his Excellency for his effort to immortalise the late Aren Eggon. It’s actually his choice to decide how to do it.
“He is Aren Eggon and not Aren Nasarawa Eggon.
“I never said otherwise, FuLafia the President has the exclusive right to do that, but COE Akwanga and NSUK the governor can do it.
“I wish he names even Lafia Township Stadium after the late Aren Eggon.
“Don’t worry sir . He just has till next year to be governor”
“COE would have been better”
“The Aren Eggon deserves better recognition, too important to be localised. The consideration is not quite honourable. An important institution in the state capital or outside Nasarawa Eggon is supposed to be named after him to immortalise him.
“Amazing…I am speechless sir.”
“Quite unfortunate.”
This level of of brazen disregard to the late Aren Eggon by His Excellency is a thing of great concern. He rushed to name Nasarawa State Polytechnic after the late Isa Mustapha Agwai 1 even before the House of Assembly could reach a resolution to do so. The Governor can do better to immortalise the late Aren Eggon, Dr. Bala A. Angbazo.
“The kind of contempt in which we are held in a state we should ordinarily be leading is shocking.”
“This is laughable, what happened to NSUK or COE Akwanga?”
“I weep for my nation ‘EGGON.’
“I applaud his Excellency engineer Abdullahi Alhaji Sule executive Governor of Nasarawa State for this wonderful recognition to immortalize our revered Royal Father, late B. A Angbazo, Aren Eggon, of blessed memory.”
“I don’t blame him, I blame the Eggon stakeholders who agreed or accepted this ineptitude. Nonsense”
“I cannot applaud a sarcastic thing like dis please. We (Eggon) deserve better than this. Our paramount ruler who has been on the throne for more than 40 years fa, haba!”
“The issue here is, we are complaining to ourselves on this platform while the Governor’s decision stands. Why can’t we unite and vote for our Eggon candidate to emerge as Governor. I am sure that if we have a state tertiary institution in N/Eggon, the Governor would have named the school after the late Aren. Meanwhile, this is an eye opener for us all.”
“May God bless you the boss of all time.”
“That goes on to show that we don’t have government-owned tertiary institution in Nasarawa eggon, how then will a place develop without bringing in people across the country and beyond…”
“Our stakeholders should do more in that area…”
“We’re consumed by selfish interest. Though it is not too late to repair the open wound.”
“Real NONSENSE. A market that has no completion date.”
“The tertiary institution must not be in Nassarawa Eggon to be named after him.”
Faith Maji’s Blog reports that the modern market being built by the Nasarawa State Government in Nassarawa Eggon is set to be named after the late Aren Eggon, Dr. Bala Abaine Angbazo.
Speaking during the funeral service of the late monarch at Awayi village, Nasarawa Eggon Local Government Area, Governor Abdullahi Sule said the government would do all it could to immortalise the late Bala Angbazo.
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