Population, Housing Census: NPC begins dress rehearsal ahead 2023


… We’ll deploy technological innovation – Commissioner



By Faith Awa Maji, Katsina



The National Population Commission, NPC, has commenced census dress rehearsal in Katsina ahead of the scheduled 2023 National Population and Housing Census.


Briefing newsmen in Daura, Katsina State, the NPC Federal Commissioner, Bala Almu Banye, explained that the commencement of the trial census is in preparation for the first “fully digital census” in Nigeria in April, 2023.


He hailed the media over reportage on pre-census issues, noting that, “your incisive reporting of census preparatory activities so far has placed the 2023 census at the centre of national discourse, thereby mobilising Nigerians for its successful conduct.


“As the Commission takes the next crucial steps towards the 2023 census, the NPC will continue to count on the collaboration and partnership of the media.”


He said that the NPC would “deploy technological innovations on a massive scale to conduct a truly scientific census that will not only be accurate and reliable but also transparent and acceptable to all Nigerians.


“As you are aware, the Commission has carried out demarcation of the entire land mass of Nigeria into small Enumeration Areas that can be covered by a team of enumerators.”


The Commissioner listed objectives of the trial census to include among others, test all aspects of census operations, from planning to implementation including logistics arrangements and management, questionnaire design and format, training procedures, fieldwork operations, publicity, payment system, data processing, data tabulations and analysis.”


For the trial census, according to him, the specific objectives include assessing the quality and the usefulness of the Enumeration Area (EA) maps that has been created.


Determine the possible demographic as well as geographical changes that might have occurred in the EAs carved between 2016-2018 and their implications for census taking. Determine the feasibility of uploading EA maps on the census app for house numbering and household listing as well as population enumeration.

Determine enumerated population. Determine the requisite educational qualification for the 2023 census’ enumerators. Determine the appropriateness of the estimated workload on the enumerators. Determine the necessary logistics support that might be required from the states and the Local Government Areas.


Being a sample exercise, he explained that the trial census will only be conducted in selected areas, noting that, “in total, 7,718 EAs have been selected to test-run suitability and readiness for the actual census in 2023.


“For the avoidance of doubt, the trial census is not the actual enumeration of persons for the 2023 Population and Housing Census.


“In other words, the outcome of the trial census will not form the basis of the 2023 census as data generated during the trial census will not be used to arrive at figures for the 2023 census.


“The trial census is a test case for the Commission which we hope to pass with resounding success.


“Our confidence is reinforced in the fact that, over the years, the Commission has invested considerable time and resources planning for the next census drawing from its rich institutional experience to give the nation a truly scientific census data for planning.”

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