Hydro-Carbon Discovery: Nasarawa may join league of oil producing states, says Gov Sule



Apparently excited over the recent reported discovery of hydro-carbons in Keana and Obi, Nasarawa State Governor, Abdullahi Sule says the future of the State lies in oil and gas, “because of the miraculous discovery of commercial quantity of hydro-carbons in parts of the State.”


Speaking on Wednesday at the Government House when he hosted elders of Alago nation on a courtesy visit, Sule said that, “the initial discovery of hydro-carbons in Keana has extended into some areas in the Benue trough, into Obi, Agwatashi and Aloshi parts of the state.


“This is amazing and unprecedented, for coal deposits to foreshadow substantial oil and gas deposits as it was discovered in Agwatashi area of the state.


“They thought it was just going to be coal in that area but because of the presence of coal that is foreshadowing, and this is the first time in history, with my little knowledge of oil and gas, that I am seeing coal actually covering hydro-carbons and gas.


“This is an amazing discovery that has not seen in other places. Believe me, I had the opportunity of seeing oil and gas activities in various states and that’s what took me to Ukraine.


“In Agwatashi area, the coal is now on top of the hydro-carbon. It’s a big oil. In engineering, it’s a beautiful thing for us.”


Sule told the elders that following concerted attempts by his administration to find use for the completed Lafia Cargo Airport, the efforts finally paid off with President Muhammadu Buhari announcing the decision by the Federal Government to take over the facility.


“The Federal Government has agreed to fully compensate the state for the money expended in building the airport,” he said.

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