2023: Nasarawa politician, Tigga, jostle to replace Abdulkarim at N’Assembly



… Women, youths development top priorities, if elected.



Hon. Kefas Elisha Tigga, a PDP aspirant hope to replaced the incumbent member representing Akwanga/Nasarawa Eggon/Wamba Federal Constituency, Hon. Abdulkarim Usman come 2023 as captured in his manifestos.



Innovation, Inco-operation and

it is challenging to note that our various communities today have been reduced to mere beggars in their land, our widows and orphans have been mocked as products of political campaigns, their problems and challenges is now advertised on media and worse of this all is that their needs have been relegated to mere wrappers, soup and detergents.



It is also painful to note that our youth have been reduced to just followers who are forbidden from asking questions in regards to their development but instead they are only giving stipends to entertain themselves at beer parlours, gossip centers and to ensure they remain poor and baggers.



It is more painful to note that even the most educated folks believe that money without ideas should be the yardstick of measuring who should lead in our communities. You hear words like “no be English we go chop o” “Capacity” hmmm, what a pity, sometimes it’s get challenging to see people with good intentions and plans been relegated to silence and frustrated simple because our system never gave them a chance.



My people are known with hard work, self-determination, ability to safeguard their environment, resilience, peaceful, and ambitious. But today, it is more painful to note that our belief systems are gradually eroding because of our inabilities to learn from those who understood our cultures and traditions but termed them as dirty, poor and backward.



There are some who believe that we cannot change our communities for better; That the only hope for a good living is when we die and find ourselves in heaven; That there is no any reason to go to the polling units to cast votes since election results are announced before counting the ballot papers; That quality education is only mend for the children of the rich and not the poor; That before you become somebody in this state you must be the son of somebody big in the society: That the people of Akwanga, Nassarawa Eggon and Wamba Federal Constituency cannot unit for a common purpose; That only the rich should be voted into office while the poor remain as beggars in their land; That good health and good medical checkups are mainly for the rich not the poor; That our farmers should not complain but continue to work hard even with the attacks in their farms and without the provision of fertilizer and other modern farming implements; That we should continue to accept the theory of only the rich continue to get rich while the poor continue to get poorer; That the youth should never be employed, rather they should continue roaming the street seeking for one employment or the other so that they cannot challenge the system.

That our people should be kept in perpetual hunger while money is released to them only during elections, the people will follow the money and still sale their conscience because of hunger.



I disagree. not only is it impossible to accept life in this direction, but also it is impossible to believe that God’s theory of equity and equality is wrong and efforts to do so can make us worse off.



Rather than fear this ill situation that can only continue to destroy our future, we must embrace positive change (IMPACT). I have no doubt that the people of Akwanga, Nassarawa Eggon and Wamba Federal Constituency can take a bold step and set an example for other constituency around the country to see and believe that we shall succeed in this 21st century. And I know as well that more than anything else, our success will depend not on our government, but on the dynamism, determination, and innovation of the people of Akwanga, Nassarawa Eggon and Wamba Federal Constituency.



I am in this race to tell those that held us to ransom that their days of refusing this constituency to grow is over. I have researched into the mind of the electorate and understood that the electorate are tired of been servants in their own land but rather need leaders who can serve and protect their interest.

We now face an opportunity and an obligation to turn the page on the failed politics of yesterday, We have an obligation to protect Social Security of our people, provide employment for the youth, empower the women with skills for a better living, give micro credit loan that can boost small and micro enterprises, empower youth with job opportunities, offer scholarship to students both locally and internationally, provide good health facilities in our hospital, lobby to have good access road network, ensure that our youth and children have access to good education at all levels, provide potable and good drinking water into our houses, Lobby the government to attract much Federal projects and to ensure that we have a society with less poverty and much opportunity to grow.



Coming together to meet this challenge won’t be easy; it will take restoring a sense of shared purpose in Akwanga, Nassarawa Eggon and Wamba Federal Constituency. But if you put your trust in God and in me, if you give me ‘your hand and your heart’, then that’s exactly what I intend to do as your next member of the Federal House of Representative.



We need a new vision for a 21st century education, one where we aren’t just supporting existing schools, or renovating classes but spurring innovations; where we’re not just voting any person, but demanding more reform; where parents take responsibility for their children’s success; where our schools and government are accountable for results; where we’re recruiting, retaining, and rewarding an army of new and qualified teachers, and students are excited to learn because they’re attending schools of the future; and where we expect all our children not only to graduate high schools, but to graduate and get a good paying job or create job that can employ others.



we are at that critical and urgent moment. If Akwanga, Nassarawa Eggon and Wamba Federal Constituency continue voting people that don’t represent the interest of our communities, our communities will fall further behind and so will our Constituency. But if we reject the politics that has shut ordinary folks out, we can create a new story for our land.



it’s time for real leadership for our people.



I’m in this race for the same reason that I fought for jobs for the jobless and hope for the hopeless on the streets; for the same reason I fought for fair treatment and equal opportunity as a development advocate; for the same reason i fought for the growth and development of small and micro enterprises in Nasarawa, Borno and Niger state; for the same reason I fought for fair treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS and other sicknesses in Akwa Ibom and Cross River State; for the same reason I fought for the right of the orphan and vulnerable children in Akwa Ibom and Borno State; for the same reason that I fought for Women Empowerment in Maiduguri and Nasarawa State; for the same reason i fought for good governance and political development in Nasarawa state and Nigeria; for the same reason i am leading the youth as a Future Planter towards a better and reasonable advocacy for better future and not to remain as coporate baggers in their own environment, all in my career.




1. Constituting and Inaugurating of the Wamba, Akwanga Nassarawa Eggon Economic Development Council (WAN)

2. 2. Development of a Leadership Research and Development Center in partnership with other NGOs and FBOs

3. 3. Upgrade of the present bill in the House of Representatives from Federal University of Tourism to Federal University of Toursim and Solid Minerals

4. 4. Further Lobby for the construction of Wamba – Bokkos Road

5. 5. Construction of Youth Multipurpose, Entertainment and Entrepreneurship Development Center

6. 6. Lobby for the upgrade of the Akwanga Sport Academy to international standard

7. 7. Lobby for the construction of a Modern Motor Park in partnership with the state in Akwanga

8. 8. Supporting not less than 40 qualified youth into major Federal Government Agencies (CBN, NCC, PENCOM, NCAA, FAAN, NNPC etc

9. 9. Creating and growing not less than 50 young entrepreneurs, Start-Ups to a sizable business standard operation

10. 10. Community Establishment of W.A.N Community Development Bank to assist in entrepreneurship development

11. 11. Establishment of W.A.N Center for Agricultural Innovations and Production

12. 13. Establishment of Palm Tree and Cassava Plantation centers in each LGA

13. 14. Establishment of a Livestock Processing Center in Akwanga to serve Abuja with good and qaulity protein

14. 15. Building of Children Recreational Park in each LGA for healthy child upbringing

15. 16. All these aside the constructions of boreholes, Electricity and Health Centers accross the zone.

16. That’s why I’m running, to keep the Nasarawa dream alive for those who still hunger for opportunities and those who still thirst for equity and progress.

We most always remember that your own story and that of our constituency are not separate, they are shared. And they will both be enriched if we stand up together, and answer a new call to service to meet the challenges of our new century. I won’t just ask for your vote as an aspirant or candidate alone; I will ask for your service and your active citizenship when I am in the house of representative. This will not be a call issued in one booklet; this will be a cause of my representation.


Thank You




Mr. Kefas Elisha Tigga is a Development worker, an entrepreneur, and a politician. He obtained his Bsc International Studies from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, PGD Public Administration and Msc International Relations and Diplomacy (in view) from Nasarawa State University, Keffi. Since then he has continued to remain in the development and political field where he find happiness working to support the less privileged while changing the world to a better place.


As a development advocate, he worked with both local and International Organization, across various programmes which includes, Orphan and the Vulnerable Children (OVC) with Excellent Community Education Welfare Scheme (ECEWS), Mutli-Sectoral Women Empowerment Programme (MSWEP) German Technical Cooperation (GIZ), Employment Oriented Private Sector Development (EoPSD) with German Technical Cooperation (GIZ)) and also worked with various reproductive health programmes including HIV/AIDS. (ECEWS)


Also, Mr. Kefas Tigga worked with the Goodluck/Sambo Campaign organization under the campaign strategy unit 2010. He was the secretary war room of Neighbour 2 Neighbour Initiative 2010/2011, work as a confidential secretary in the team that produced President Goodluck Jonathan to power 2011, he was later appointed the personal confidential secretary to the Honourable Minister of Aviation, Senator Princess Stella Adaeze Odua.


Kefas Elisha Tigga presently is the CEO Prodigy Synergy Concept Limited, the Founder of the Naspreneur-Hub Initiative working for the development of Entrepreneurs in Nasarawa state and beyond. The Chairman Nigerian Youth Congress, Nasarawa State,

The President, Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) Lafia.


Also, Hon. Kefas Tigga was a House prefect in the then Gifted school gwagwalada, Kitchen Prefect Government Secondary School Wamba, President Sociology Student Association (SOSA) CAST Keffi, Vice President NASA Samaru campus, OBS president NYSC Camp

Member, African Intercontinental Free Trade Area Nasarawa state and others.


He contested for the seat of House of Representatives Akwanga, Nassarawa Eggon and Wamba Federal constituency in the 2015 General elections, 2019 Primary election and still contesting for the same position in the 2023 election. Under the platform of PDP.

He was the Director General Wamba LGA in the 2019 elections.


His love for Culture, Unity and Development

Kefas Elisha Tigga along some elders of the Rindre extraction organised the first Rindre coloquium to help unit the people of Rindre in 2007 a programme that birthed the present RICUDA from its sleep, the first to publish and upload the Rindre brief history online (Joshua Project) for the world to know more about the ethnic nationality, the first shoot a Movie in Rindre dialect, “Uye ma Rindre”, the first to produce the Rindre calender showing the part of the body in Rindre language.


Organiser of the Wamba cultural carnival, African Cultural Rebirth Award, Rainbow Shows, Nasarawa Business Festival, Young Women Entrepreurs Conference, Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, Young Entrepreneur school clubs, Entrepreneurship clusters, etc


It is not a game of ethnicity, class or status. It’s time to face reality and chase the ill call poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and backwardness away. Its time for transformation let transformation begin.


Thank you.


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