EXCLUSIVE: Meet a successful Arch Bishop, whom a Reverend Father had prophesied to he would be man of God while he was in his mother’s womb.
… His mother held on to and kept reminding him of the prophesy in his formative years as an infant.
… He later became a successful man of God, even among his kindred.
… He started prophesying when he was six.
… Many years later, he prophesied to the wife of Almakura of her husband becoming a Governor and it came to past.
When Mothers Pray, God Listens. Yet, a part of you goes with them when you pray, preparing a highway for the release of God’s protection and power in their lives, guiding them toward God’s best.
Proverbs 31:28–29: “Her children rise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: ‘Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all. ‘” Deuteronomy 6:6–7: “And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart.
This is the testimony of the Founder of Faith Hill Prophetic Assembly, Arch Bishop Emmanuel Musa Jatua, whose mother prayed and prophesied to him at infancy of becoming a successful man of God after her encounter with a Reverend Father at a market.
Faith Maji’s Blog in an exclusive interview with the 59 year-old Arch Bishop, Emmanuel Musa Jatua also reveal that, instead of praying for the ,Former Governor of Nasarawa State and now senator representing Nasarawa South senatorial district healing while he was sick, the gentleman of God went ahead prophesying to his wife, Salamatu that her ‘husband will become a Governor one day’.
Q. Please, give me a bit of your background and why you chose to be a man-of-God, Bishop

Ans. Wow! Fantastic question!

I am Arch Bishop Jatau Emmanuel Musa. I hail from Nasarawa State, and I am Migili (Koro) by tribe. Nobody can decide for himself a career and when you say why I decided to choose to be a pastor; as a matter of fact when my mother was pregnant with me, she’d gone to Agyaragu market someday and there she had an encounter with a Reverend Father who spoke to her. She never knew the Reverend Father but he said to her “Madam, the child in your womb is a son and is a man of God, and he will be heard all over the world preaching”. It was something that took her as a surprise because she never knew that person anywhere.
However, she believed the prophecy of the man of God and started praying about it, and to her, utmost surprise when she gave birth to me, it was a boy. That reinforced her belief the more that I was going to be a pastor. She started calling me pastor right from my primary school,, but I had never wanted that name “pastor”. A role model of mine somewhere around Lafia that time who was a civil engineer; each time he passes, you would hear people calling him “civil Sam” “civil Sam”.

So, I wanted to be a civil engineer and not a pastor, contrary to what my mother wanted me to be. My father had clinics at that time-one at Agyaragu, another at Akeleku and another at Tudun Adabu; all together three clinics. Each time we came for holidays, he would force us to work there. I call it force because we had no choice. After my secondary school my father insisted that being the first son I should go to school of nursing, Jos. I went there,, but my mind was not there.

That is why it is not good to force a child to go for what he does not want. I came back from there. And once in a while we’d attend lectures, and sometimes we’d not even attend because he said that I should come and hold the clinic. I spent two years there,, but I did not quite stay in the school the way it was supposed to be. I came and started handling my father’s clinic. Not only that, but I was the one who was the nurse at the headquarters, and I was also employing nurses to come and work at our place there.
Along the line, one day I woke up and told my dad “I have obeyed you, and I have done the nursing work, but I want to go to do mine now, which is civil engineering. I woke up one day took all the keys of the clinic, I went to him greeted him and handed over the keys to him and then went for my civil engineering; I still had to do that engineering. I did the engineering. Likewise, I was in Bida that time- Bida Federal Polytechnic, did my HND there and went for my NYSC. I did my NYSC in Enugu State with the army. After my NYSC with Chris Daruba as we’ve known each other way back when I was still in Jos.
He recommended me to go to NDA. We were the first set of National Guard. We went there and of course after the training they disbanded the National Guard and I had to come back again to begin my engineering profession. I worked with late Engr. Polycarp Azige as a Director of engineering of his company and few years after God called me. I would not forget that even when I was six, I started prophesying. That’s the truth. I would wake up and tell my mother that this thing will happen, and it would happen. And in my secondary school days they always call me “prophet” because I would sleep and tell that this thing will happen tomorrow, and it would happen.
It continued like that to the university. When I informed my mate that this thing would happen, it would happen that way. So, you can see I have been into prophetic ministry from when I was six years old, but then I hadn’t passion or interest for a prophetic life. I didn’t just want the office of a pastor because I grew up in the village and I saw the lifestyle of a pastor.

First, village pastor struggle to eat, and you see the way they dress; sometimes I say no no, I want a profession where workers are fashionable. I thought that if you’re a civil engineer you’re a fashionable kind of person because the first civil engineer I knew in my life was a fashionable person-very fashionable. He dressed well,, and I thought that was how a civil engineer was supposed to dress.

So, I opted out for that because I saw the lifestyle of that civil engineer and I fell in love with it. He was a very nice gentleman. When you see him suited, you would want to go and stay with him, and it continued like that. Anyway, that was how God finally called me. I slept one day and God said, “go and be a pastor”. Ehhn! I was with Polycarp Azige at that time, and I was 30 and above because I finished my NYSC at the age of 28. That’s the little I can remember.
Q. What position are you in the family?
Ans. Of course, I was the first born and first son in the family of about 7, two boys and 5 girls.
Q. Jesus came that we may live a more abundantly, governance is the vehicle to improve standards of living in any country. There are those who feel Religion and Politics should not be separated especially in Central America. What is your view? Should religion be mixed with politics?
Ans. It is a very wonderful question and I think that is a topic that I have always been invited to speak on from country to country. I tell Christians Every time that God created politics not for unbelievers. He created it for believers.
If you see where politics started in the Bible in Exodus 18:21; God has given us the quality of who are supposed to be our leaders politically. There are four qualities mentioned in that verse of the Bible; qualities of who should represent you as a president of a nation, governor of your state, chairman of your local government, and even a councillor, they’re all there. It’s so incredible!
It is unfortunate that Christians have not taken time to study the bible well to know that there are things belonging to us. Politics was created by God, and God is a righteous God.
Politics is not a dirty game as people say because there is no place in the Bible that proclaims politics to be a dirty game. It was created by God and if you see those qualities God says are the qualities of people that are supposed to participate in politics, they are qualities of righteous people.
It is obvious and explicitly written there. But unfortunately because we’ve not studied the Bible enough, Churches begin to shy away from this thing that was created for us. Even the chieftaincy title, you can go into the Bible and see what God says about it, you’ll weep for Christians that they’ve left what God created for them to unbelievers.
The Bible says when the righteous are in the position of authority, the people rejoice. So, why are we not rejoicing today? Because the righteous are not there. Who are the righteous? The born again. As long as you accepted Jesus as personal Lord and savior, you are a righteous person.
So, all this meant for us, we’ve thrown it away, that is why we are suffering. The unrighteous have taken over what is supposed to be for the righteous.
Those are the things the Bible is saying, children of the kings begin to trek and walk on foot while the slaves are on horses.
Until you go back to the Bible you will not understand that these things are meant for the righteous, we will continue to live in perpetual slavery and under people who are not supposed to be there. That’s the truth.
Q. People argue that Prosperity has replaced Salvation as the central theme of practicing Christianity today. Is this true? Why?
Ans. I think this is an umbrella statement, and it’s wrong to say that prosperity has replaced holiness or whatever. To some extent, if you look at when you are preparing egusi soup; there is egusi, onion, Maggi, and other ingredients that make up the soup. It is the same thing that is supposed to be obtainable in religion.
Holiness, righteousness, grace, prosperity, healing, and all others are topics under religion. Once you’re teaching holiness without others, I think you’re not doing justice to Christianity.
They are all encompassing. God is a prosperous God, He’s a holy God, a righteous God, He is a God who gives divine healing, and so on. So, you can see that there are ingredients that are supposed to be mixed to make up Christianity.
Unfortunately, people who are preaching holiness are not many. I had been a member of Deeper Life Bible Church and at that time they were preaching holiness and nothing more but of course nowadays they are mixing holiness, righteousness, grace, prosperity, and others. So it is in secondary school too, if they take you only on mathematics and forget about other subjects; it’s like a person who’s just eating maize every day; he’ll be malnourished, you know.
So, we need all these things together. Unfortunately, we have more prosperity teachers, than holiness teachers, grace teachers, righteousness teachers, etc. that is the only thing. We have more of prosperity teachers.
God has not said anything is wrong with that because He is a prosperous God and there is nobody who does not want to be prosperous. Whether you are a Christian or not, prosperity is a gift from God to all of us.
So if you can balance them from church to church, we won’t have any problem. But a church takes only holiness and forget about prosperity that’s where the question will arise that, it is not giving them the balance diet.
Prosperity is good. God created everybody to be prosperous because God is a prosperous God. You don’t expect the son of a president, the son of a governor, to be trekking; his father is prosperous, and he’s also prosperous.
So, it is supposed to be balanced from church to church. It is balanced diet. You can’t know only prosperity and not know holiness. You can’t know only holiness and not know prosperity. And what’s prosperity? Prosperity doesn’t mean you’ll become a billionaire, trillionaire. Ahhh, the truth is this; there are about four levels of prosperity: spiritual prosperity- A person who has spiritual prosperity is a person who knows the Word very well. If you know the Word, that’s a prosperity that other people will come and even be learning from you, just like Jesus.
Jesus was spiritually prosperous. Your pastors are spiritually prosperous, likewise every other pastor. This is the first level of prosperity. The second level of prosperity is mental prosperity. Look at the mad man in the street; if you give a mad man in the street 100 million naira to go and spend, is he stable mentally to go and spend that money? In fact, he would even carry petrol, pour on it and burn the whole 100 million naira. He doesn’t have the mental stability to think, ok, with this 100 million naira I’m going to build house, buy car because he is not mentally prosperous. You are more prosperous mentally than a mad man.
So, any time you attain mental prosperity, you are a blessed person. Bodily prosperity is another thing – you’re always healthy. Some people are in the hospital right now that are not bodily well, that are not healthy physically well. Which means they don’t have bodily prosperity.
Financial prosperity is just a part of prosperity. So would you say prosperity is bad if you are mentally sound, bodily well, spiritually okay?
Prosperity is not bad! But it depends on how people look at it. You know, if people don’t know these four levels of prosperity, anytime you talk about prosperity they believe is money, money, money. It’s not all about money. You need prosperity, I need prosperity, our people need prosperity, so prosperity is okay.
Of course, salvation is supposed to be the first thing if you are a preacher. Salvation is meant for everybody, not only for preachers.
The moment you’re born again, you’re supposed to lead somebody to be born again. So, salvation preaching is for all of us- for all believers, not only the pastors. That’s why you see everybody will go and sit down and expect only the evangelist to go and evangelize. Every born again is supposed to be automatically an evangelist.
So, there’s need for more emphasis on the salvation message. It’s what you know that you’ll do. If you don’t know, and you’re ignorant of a thing, sometimes you can’t function very well in that very place.
That’s the foundation. You don’t expect a person to go to university straight after he is born. That foundation is very necessary, it is imperative that you go to the nursery, primary, secondary, and other tertiary institutions. Ahhh, you don’t start running before crawling. You have to crawl before you run.
Q. Education is central to Development, and this played out in the early advent of the Christian Faith to Nigeria. Why has the growth of Christian Institutions not kept pace with population growth and need in recent times? Should Christian faith lay more emphasis on Nursery and Primary schools to ram in Ethics in our society?
Ans. Of Course, education gives us knowledge and knowledge brings us development. Education will open your eyes to knowledge of so many things. Without education, there are some villages today that will still be in complete darkness. Imagine, like your village and my village, they are by the roadside.
Education is not only at the four corners of the school. Traveling itself is education. For instance, you travel to Abuja and you see a lot of things, it’s education. Your eyes are open to many things and when you go back you replicate such things in your village, you begin to change many things infrastructural in your community, is education. Education is not only reading, writing exams and passing. No, It is more than that.
So, it’s all encompassing again. That’s why I said traveling is education. Some of you that travelled abroad when you go outside the country you see their way of culture and their way of life, you bring it to your place, and you begin to live like them, that’s development. I have told people that anytime you want a village to be developed, just carry a university there. You’ve finished it! Just take a university to any village, development will come naturally there. Filling stations will be built, hotels will start to spring up there, supermarkets will start to spring up there, people will be getting jobs, the village will be expanding, the environment will be beautiful, roads will come there, markets will spring up there, so, you know education as a matter of fact will bring development to a person as an individual, a city, a State, and a nation, but it has to start from somewhere.
Q. The Bible is in favour of Business, why is the Church not promoting Business activities and models that will result in clean means to obviate the quest for greed and cheating for profit?
Ans. Yes, of course, it’s a good question. I remember when the missionaries first came, they came with majorly two things – health and schools: they brought evangelism with these two things. You see free health facilities, free health education, and of course, that really helped because there are a lot of us who attended missionary schools then and were blessed by the missionaries who brought these things to us that time. But unfortunately, when they were going back they handed over these things to the blacks – the white people handed over education and health to the black, and we started selling these things. How do I mean? When the white people were around, if you go to hospital it was free, but when they handed it over to the blacks you pay money to receive drugs that were being sent from outside the country which were supposed to be free of charge, but the black people sell them and begin to help themselves with it; they build houses, buy cars, and they would be worshiped in the village as the rich people.
So, the Christians are the one doing themselves. Look at banks, if you open a Christian bank now people would be unable to go and loan money there because the interest will be much, but what about our brothers, the Muslims? They have a lot of banks – non interest banks. If you collect five thousand naira you bring the five thousand naira after a year or two. Look at even our villages: Koro man, Igbo man, Yoruba man who is a Christian, if he lends you two thousand naira he would tell you if you’re bringing it bring three thousand naira. Truly speaking, Muslims are not that. It is Christians that are doing this nonsense.
Q. How can we change the narrative?
Yeah, the story can be changed if we preach. Our pastors sometimes shy away from preaching other topics. There are a lot of topics. I don’t know, sometimes when a person has a degree in Theology and you see him if he mounts a pulpit he begins to preach, you begin to wonder sometimes whether it’s true that he really has this degree. He’ll tell you he can only preach righteousness, he can only preach holiness. What about others? A pastor is supposed to know how to teach health.
He’s supposed to be able to teach health to his members. If you don’t teach on health, your members will be dying. At least teach things that will be able to help us- how to keep your house clean, how to wash your hands properly before you eat, etc.
All these things are supposed to be taught in the church. Go outside the country and see; you’ll think it’s another university. Church is a school. You don’t teach one subject – Jonah swallowed the fish or fish swallowed Jonah. They will be teaching that for more than 8 years. Every Sunday, Jonah swallowed fish, fish swallowed Jonah and you travel outside the country you see oyibo will bring different people from different fields to come and educate people in the church; the lawyer, doctor, accountant, etc.
Can you compare such churches with the ones we have in the village? No, you can’t. The church is a place of education,, so we are supposed to open our eyes to numerous things. We do many teachings here. We bring people from different backgrounds to come and teach in the church. It’s more of a balance diet for everybody.
Q. Women are central to family life, and the family is central to societal behavior, and yet it seems this is being ignored. Given the spate of family breakdowns, minors and gender abuse prevalence in today’s world, what are your thoughts on it?
Ans. Well, it’s a good question, too. You see, when I was in primary school, our headmaster was also a Reverend. Do you know that our headmaster told us that we should not study Law that all lawyers would go to hell? A headmaster and a Reverend, said this to us; that all lawyers were liars, and they would go to hell. That is one. And that we should not enter politics, it’s a dirty game. We would go to hell if we join politics. We should not collect chieftaincy title that we would go to hell.
Truly speaking, we believed him because he was a Reverend and a headmaster. Until now, I can’t recall somebody whom we were in the same class that is a lawyer today. They made us to run away from Law. They made us to run away from politics. Today, the unbelievers are the ones ruling us. Now we thank God that there’s a mixture right now of believers who are being conscious of the awareness that they are going to politics, otherwise before this time if you talk about politics they would all run away. I was in Togo in 2019 And the whole Senate; the Senate of Togo they had only one Christian and then there was this law that said they should not give Christian land in Togo to build and even those that already have churches, they said they should revoke their lands. So if they had more Christians in the Senate, will that law go through?
Yes, as a matter of fact, basically women were the first to be created Forget that man came out of the dust and woman came from man, but when you come to anything, God talking to creation, God considers woman first in everything. Don’t forget, they are mothers. In the Bible there are a lot of people and if you study Theology you’ll discover something about women. They saw that their power was going to be too much, so the Bible is more of men than women, perhaps because of the tradition of the Jewish people – the Jews have only small respect for women, and so you discover that so many things are against the woman in the Bible and that grew up to the modern society today.
Imagine when a man and a woman are caught in adultery, the Bible will say bring them all and stone them, but most time it is the woman that would be stoned. Look at the woman who committed adultery in the Bible who was brought to Jesus; they did not bring the man too. Did they? Look at the Law of Moses, if you wake up any day, if you catch your wife committing adultery send her away. What if you catch the husband? But there is no provision.
So, many things right from religion are against women. Other religions, we have nine religions on earth. It’s not only Christianity.
Christianity was not the first religion on earth; it’s the sixth religion on earth. We have other religions before Christianity, and all of them are like anti women. There are religions that will tell you that women are not supposed to go to school – educate only the boy child, not the girl child. A lot of religions! We have nine religions! The first religion on earth is called sebianism, second is what we call Hinduism, the third one is called Buddhism and all of them have prophets and holy books.
The fourth one is called Judaism. Moses was not a Christian, and nobody in the Old Testament was a Christian. Even the Father of Jesus was not a Christian. The mother of Jesus was not a Christian. So, who are Christians? We that are now embracing Jesus after Jesus’ death are the ones called Christians- Christ-like people.
Nobody in the Old Testament was a Christian. Daniel was not a Christian, Zechariah was not a Christian, Haggai was not a Christian, Moses was not a Christian, Joshua was not a Christian, Elijah was not a Christian, Elisha was not a Christian, …(laugh). I hope that is not confusing? They’re not! They’re Judaists. Their religion is called Judaism. And even Jerusalem that we go for pilgrimage is not a Christian city, but Jesus did a lot of miracles there. Jerusalem is 99.95% Judaism. Christianity is 0.05% in Jerusalem. I did my PhD thesis in Theology in the year 1998; I did it in Jerusalem. I went there eight times because of my thesis. Each time I went there they would say, “Bishop, why not preach Christ to these people?” You stop a Jewish person and begin to preach to him Christ, “excuse me, I want to talk to you about somebody. He’s a nice man, He’s my brother, and also your brother. His Name is Jesus”. “No no no no, you like Jesus, we like Moses. Jesus is a rogue”. Ahah! I recorded everything that was said! What! Where Jesus was born? No wonder they said a prophet is not honored in his hometown.
So, religion too has not helped matters. Yes, religion has not helped matters. Religion that would look down on women, and you are a member of that religion, you’ll find it, ahhh I rather follow the religion and continue to look down on women, or I’m not part of the religion. Religion has not also helped. We only thank God that today lawyers are helping the women. Lawyers are really helping them. Otherwise, you beat a woman, you kill a woman, some religions look at it as normal. Aaam, yesterday I was confronted with a killing that a man who is of faith different from ours, who told his wife he is entitled to marry four wives. He built a house for her, he bought a car for her, educated her up to masters level, then he just wanted to marry another wife last week and the wife boiled oil and while he was lying down, she poured the hot oil on him. In fact, they said they should kill the woman and I said haba two wrongs cannot make a right. “Religion permits you to marry up to four, why is she against it?” They said. Because she’s against it, she should be slaughtered. You know there is still a very long way for the women. If it’s in this generation, I think it’s very difficult for women to climb the ladder to where they’re meant to be.
The church is trying, but not all churches. It all depends on individuals who are heads of churches. There are pastors who are anti women. Come there with your husband, if there’s any problem, he’ll keep on blaming the wife, “you women are too stubborn, you women are too stubborn”, and the husband will be like, “tell her more, tell her more”. There are some pastors that will tell you, no no no it is not good, do not do that to her, she is our mother.
You will look at it from the home – villages you come from; the kind of respect, they accord respect to baby boys more than baby girls. They buy things for the baby boy but not for the baby girl. Unknown to them that one day this baby girl may be the bread winner of the family. So, it’s not only in the church, ahhh also in the society, the communities; they look down on women.
Q. Also the community! How and when do you think this will stop?
Ans. Exactly, and I think that it goes down to the root of such people. You know when we say Christendom, Christendom begins from the family. If we stop this problem in the family, all will be well because it is from the family before you come to church. There are some tribes and communities that it is going to take the grace of God. For instance, in the Igbo community where I did my youth service, if a man dies, they believe that it is the woman who killed the man, and they have to wash the dead body of the man for her to drink. But if a woman dies, it is not done like that to him either. You know that’s a dirty practice. But today it is not. So, it will take the grace of God anyway for things to work well for the women too. The women will also be fighting from their angle; not fighting the men but through prayer. They have to be very prayerful too. Churches like we say should look inward and change things, change their stories and narratives too.
Q. Do you have any specific targets that you have set for yourself as a person, or as a Bishop? Are you a role model to youths in your community?
You know targets, target will always depend on… target are so many: is it financial target, educational target, and so on. Ahhh! As a matter of fact, when I became a pastor, the target I set for myself was to reach the position of an Archbishop. From brother to pastor, from pastor to Reverend, from Reverend to Reverend Doctor, from Reverend Doctor to Bishop, from Bishop to Archbishop, from Archbishop, you go to Cardinal, from Cardinal you go to Pope; that is for the Catholic. But for the Pentecostal we end at Archbishop.
Q. What’s the name of your church, sir?
Ans. It is Faith Hill Prophetic Assembly. I am the founder. I started with one person from Lafia.
We started like an indoor kind of thing. I thank God the people that I started the church with are there up to now. An Eggon man by name Jasper Abimiku who was a lecturer at Science School Lafia; it was at his pallor we started preaching at Lafia, doing just prayer for people. From there to Akwanga then boom, to Abuja, and we just blew up to many places too, and today we have about 32 branches of my church all over the country.
Q. Are there branches outside Nigeria?
Ans. I already have branches abroad. I have branches in Togo, I have a branch in Bukina Faso, I have a branch in Benin Republic, I have a branch in Ghana, I have a branch in Cameron and Liberia. We started just as fellowship in one room.
Q. Are you fulfilled that Your mum’s prophecy has come to pass?
Ans. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I remember when she told me that time that the Reverend Father said Presidents would kneel, and I would lay hands on their heads. The Reverend Father told her that. I remember that, yeah.
Q. How has Social Media affected the church?
Ans. We thank God, for now, no, for now, no. We can’t say we’re too careful, that’s why I have not been a victim of social media abuse or scandal. It’s just the grace of God, you know. And since I started ministry I don’t know…, for whatever reason I don’t know. I have not been a media person. If there’s anybody who has introduced me to social media is … Smah, who will say no, no no we have to know what they are doing. Your people are there back home… I did not stay in the village for too long. I spent most of my life in Jos and when I even came to the village it was brief and from there I took off to Akwanga, and since then, 1998 when I started this ministry, I didn’t go home but when I hear something happens I would send people to carry relief material to the villages. A lot of villages! In fact, there’s no local government in Nasarawa State that my church has not visited with relief materials. No local government in Nasarawa State we have not visited. Most time we do not cover it. We are just silent. Smah said no, no, Nasarawa State need to know we have a brother here and a son in this place, you know.
Q. What do we call the place where your church is located?
Ans. We call it Piwoyi, along the airport road, at the back of ShorpRites.
Q. As a man-of-God, how do you spend your Birthday?
Ans. Of course, just to thank God for this life that He has given to us. That is the most reason why we celebrate birthdays. Thank God I am alive again to see my 59th year on this universe. I know of people who are better than me in many ways,, but God did not allow them to see 50. But God allowed me to see 59; why should I not say thank you to Him that I have seen 59 years very healthy, not in the hospital. Even this morning, some people were taken to hospital. These people were coming and had accident too. Only God knows the number of people that died in that accident. And for 59 good years God has been faithful, God has been protecting me. What else should I say except if I want to be an ungrateful person. So, I tell him thank You. I really thank God for this 59th birthday.
To mark his 59th birthday, the Arch Bishop Emmanuel Musa Jatua wrote 2 books. Here, he has this to say.
I was writing two books, and I think it’s only one that’s finished now. Ahhh, you know I have written ten books before I became professor. When you have a PhD, in ten years you can become a professor, and you can write a lot of books. I have written many books and then my theological university honored me with professorship. So, I have been so … after that, I will be writing more books and I just wrote two again and I said tomorrow I will present these books. I think it’s only one, I’m still waiting for the printer to bring the books.
Q. 2023 is the country’s election year, are you vying for elective position?
Ans. Ahhh, for now I haven’t heard from God yet. When I hear from God, I will let people know. I have not heard it.
Q. Can I say you are a politician too?
Ans. Everybody is born a politician. That’s the truth. Every human being is a political animal. Everybody is a politician, but it’s when your people call you. You cannot go and force yourself on the people. Anytime my people call me, any time Presido calls me. Anytime Presido calls me I will say presido ok.(meaning, Migili Youth President, Comrade Jesse Agidi because he was around during this interview). [laughs]. And then that’s your group, if you call me and say come and participate, I will come.
As a matter of fact, you know I am in Abuja. Truly speaking, if you ask me, apart from the television I have never met this governor physically. I have never met the deputy governor. (Nasarawa State Governor and his Deputy) It is not a good thing, but I have never met them, and they are 3 years on throne. The people I was close to were the former governors. Right from the first military administrator, we were friends. Abdullahi Adamu was like my father because my father served with him. He gave my father a lot of appointments. Aliyu Akwe; that man even paid my school fees in the university. Almakura; I know the wife. That house I told you about, that Jasper Abimiku’s house, was the house where Almakura’s wife came. She came with tears. She had a medical issue. When she came I told her, madam you are coming with tears but what God is telling me about you. Look for Jasper Abimiku and the wife, ask them and interview them. I said you are coming with tears about your husband?
Any ways, I don’t know your husband physically but go and tell him that he would become a governor in the future. And the wife said can a person with ear problem be a governor? Just get the wife and ask if she did not come to Jasper Abimiku’s house and I did not tell her that before now. So, the day the man accepted and entered politics and became a governor, people were saying wow! Where is Bishop, where is Bishop? People were congratulating me. I said, why are you congratulating me? It is not me, it is God. So, there was a prophecy that came to pass. She came because the man was sick, but I told her the man was going to be a governor. I wish I can call her, so you can just confirm it [Let me call Jasper Abimiku’s wife]. You know, but since he became a governor, I did not go close to him.
Out of curiosity, I called Mrs Jasper to confirm what the Man of God said, her line could not be reached, but she returned the call many days later.
Aside Senator Almakura in Nigeria, the man of God gave me an appreciation letter written from Liberia’s first Lady.
“I want to give you something, so you can also read…. Can you read this out? Yes sir! ‘It’s a confirmation letter from Liberia sent from my Samsung gallaxy Smart 4. Original message from John Nameyan. Email: date, 29th September 2017, 4:03 am GMT. To Emmanuel Musa Jatau. Subject: Election results in Liberia. Dear Bishop, greetings and hope all is well with you and your family and loved ones. This is to inform you that your prophecy has come to fulfillment. Former wife, ….. Houwel Telo Heward of President Charles Telo has been elected as the vice president to George Wiel, now president-elect of the Republic of Liberia. This is a prophecy that came from your very mouth concerning Mrs Telo in 2011. We are grateful to God for your obedience to serve Him for humanity. Thanks and kindly extend my greetings to your lovely wife and loved ones. Sincerely yours, Prosperous Namanya’.
Wow! Another one.
“They’re so many! I’m not the person who will blow my trumpet. Some people who are close to me like …. Many presidents.
[Phone call] I think she’s not close to her phone, you would have heard it. People were so many; Madam Jasper Abimiku, who was even the one that smuggled her. Christians and Muslims… You know, where I was living before, opposite Almakura’s house; these quarters. i.e., the traffic light on the other side. I was living there, she came for prayer there, and was crying: her husband, her husband. At that time, if God had not … with her husband, that shock would have taken his life. I am telling you, it is not everything we will say. So, for the wife to …the husband was like, at this stage I would come and completely blank out? You know. I think Mrs Jasper is not close to her phone because it has rung twice. You would have heard her.
Q. How many children do you have?
I have only two children. Right from secondary school, I said I was going to have only two children. I don’t know why I said I would not have more than two children. Okay… Yes, during my youth service I had a dream and God showed to me, my wife and two sons with their names. First one Dr. Ibrahim, second one Pastor David. Two of them in my dream as a youth corper.
Q. Are they really practicing what you saw in the dream?
Ans Yes, one is a medical doctor. He schooled in Ukraine. Did his first degree there and Masters in UK and just finished his PhD two years ago and 27. The second one started Law in UK and left because of cold, and back to Nigeria. He just finished his NYSC. So, I was cracking a joke with him and said I want you to come and do some work before you go. He said, “nooo Daddy, you have PhD, my elder brother has PhD, me I have first degree. I must have PhD”. So, I said okay, you are getting mature now. So, he will start his Masters any moment from now to September. They are only two.
Q. Anything to add, Bishop?
Ans. Nothing to add. Thank you for coming. You made my day.

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