Russia-Ukraine Peace Talk: Official says, Ukraine willing to be a neutral State, if

Russia-Ukraine round 4 of peace talks yesterday Monday, the Diplomatic Adviser to the President of Ukraine, Ihor Ivanovych Zhovkva, has said Ukraine is willing to maintain a neutral status if that will bring an end to the ongoing war.

In a live interview with Republic TV, Zhovkva said Ukraine would not join NATO member states or the European bloc provided that its neighbours, including Russia, could guarantee the security of the country and its people.

Asked about what his country looked forward to from the various peace talks and negotiations, Zhovkva said Ukraine was not interested in NATO membership. He noted that there was no basis for the war because all that his country wanted was the security of its people.

He, however, gave conditions for fruitful negotiations with Russia.

Zhovkva stated that there must be full ceasefire for any peace talks to be productive.

He also said the invading Russian troops must be withdrawn.

Zhovkva added that there must also be assurances that there would be new peace and security guarantees for his country from neighbouring countries as well as other major countries because “Russia can no longer be trusted.”

Asked if Ukraine was willing to let Crimea and Donbas go as independent nations, Zhovkva stated that both regions were part of Ukraine and his country would not give up an inch of its territory.

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